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This custom building was constructed on a block structure built back in a bank.  It is 24' x 32' with a 10' x 12' power roll-up door a walk-in door and two windows.

This is another view of the above building.

It's hard to believe this building used to be the building in the next picture below.

All of this structure is still contained in the finished building above.  It does have new trusses above the old ones.

This building was specially built for this concrete pad and butted up to another building.  The concrete pad was 20'-2" x 23'-6.5" and sloping toward the door.

How about a 24x24 carport next to your RV cover, complete with a header on the right side so your not tripping over that bottom tube.

Then all you will need is a custom breeze way to connect the two structures.  This was necessary because the carport had to be turned to fit on the gravel pad.

We can build you a custom carport to match your home like this one.  Complete with a storage room in the back.

Got a steep driveway or some unlevel ground, we can build to your ground for a level building no matter what.

What about when you have an old block building where the roof has gotten in bad shape or collapsed completely.

Why not replace it with a custom metal roof structure that will never rot away.

The project above is a truly custom job.  It is an enclosed breezeway between two large building.

It has two custom swinging doors on the front.

From the inside you can see the custom doors and a skylight for natural lighting.  You can also see doors to either side which can be opened to create one large shop.

Extended off the back of the building above, we constructed the building below to house a paint booth. 

It was built on a deck and strapped to the ground with high wind anchors.  The possibilities are endless.  Thanks, Bob Miller.

Check out this 24' x 40' custom flat roof.

Here it is with sheets on it.